The wineries

Stopping off at the wineries that dot Cagliari’s Wine Route: a pleasure that beckons, whets your curiosity and brings people together. Uncorking a bottle that melds together ancient values and new harmonies of taste. Having the locals recount the emotions and secrets Sardinians have been handing down for centuries. Discovering wines that tell stories of whole families, wines that are making headway in the wine connoisseur world and reaping top awards on national and international markets.


Argiolas is the name of both the winery and of the family that runs it. It all began in the early 1900s, in the small town of Serdiana with Antonio, the patriarch, who started by planting a few vineyards, then went on expanding them. He was steadfast, committed, engaged in a constant search for quality. He was the trail blazer, followed by both his sons, Franco and Giuseppe, who oversaw the birth of such great wines as Turriga, Korem and Angialis.

Via Roma 28/30, Serdiana
Tel. +39 070 74060

Cantina Sociale di Castiadas

Established in 1959, the Castiadas winery is a concentrate of history, tradition and love for the land, which translates into quality: that of products such as Cannonau Capo Ferrato, which conjures up the enchanting atmosphere of the Sarrabus and the timeless feel of this stunning corner of Sardinia.

Località Olia Speciosa, Castiadas
Tel. +39 070 9949004

Vitivinicola Ferruccio Deiana

A Winery which has embarked on an ambitious venture, launched from the Parteolla heartland, where Ferruccio Deiana built a winery on his vineyard estate to make his distinctive wines. A venture in which he was joined and supported by his whole family, and which has been a huge success also thanks to Ferruccio’s years of study, hands-on experience and travels, on which he has built his methods and techniques and outstanding wines such as Arvali, Sileno and Oirad.

Località Su Leunaxi
Settimo S.Pietro 
Tel. +39 070 749117

Cantine di Dolianova

Founded in 1949, it ranks today amongst the most advanced cooperative wineries in Sardinia. State-of-the-art winemaking processes, flanked by the recently opened Wine Showroom and Shop “Ju”, providing fascinating insights into the life, places and wines of a countryside that is ideal grape growing land. Producing about 4 million bottles, including labels such as Terresicci, Perlas Nuragus DOC, and Moscato di Cagliari distributed and sought after on both the national and international markets.

Strada Statale 387, Km 17,150
Località Sant’Esu, Dolianova
Tel. +39.070744101

Cantine Massidda

A family passion born 5 generations ago, which grew in the Parteolla land and in 2006 culminated with the creation of the Cantine Massidda. From bulk-sold wine to bottled wined, from past to present, deep-running passion and high quality yield of full-bodied, rich wines, whose names sound like the opening line in a tale: Tutto iniziò così (That’s how it all started) and L’orizzonte si colorava di rosso (The horizon was becoming tinged with red).

Strada Statale 387, km 28
Località Giuanni Porcu, Donori
Tel. +39 347 8088683,
+39  347 1435384

Meloni Vini

The Meloni family has been making wine since 1898. Today at their fourth generation, the Melonis follow in their ancestors’ steps with undiminished passion. The winery has its own vineyard estate, with 200 hectares of grapes grown with strictly organic methods, divided into three main areas, each with distinctive features and qualities. Some of its best-loved wines are Vasca 50, Le Ghiaie, Kre’u, Le Sabbie and the by now mythical dessert wines of the Donna Jolanda line.

Via A. Gallus 79, Selargius 
Tel. +39 070 852822

Cantina Sociale di Monserrato

Monserrato was the first cooperative winery in Sardinia, and today, 80 years on, it is still true to the principles laid down by its founders. This wealth of experience, accompanied by modern winemaking techniques but respectful of the “terroir” of each grape bunch has given rise to Cantine Pauli’s, with a production of seductive new wines such as Aìlis, 1924 and Òmine.

Via Giulio Cesare 2, Monserrato
Tel. +39 070 560301

Cantina Pala

The first harvest was in 1950. Sixty years on, Mario Pala is at the helm of one of the island’s most modern and dynamic winemaking enterprises. In recent years, his children have joined him in his untiring work to produce quality wines respectful of the environment and embody the local and family traditions. Wines that travel worldwide, such as S’Arai, Entemari and Assoluto.

Via Verdi 7, Serdiana
Tel. +39 070 740284, 070 5778519


The vineyard stands at the centre of this strictly organic farming estate, which was created by clearing a path overgrown with thorn bushes and hawthorn, a reality which also signified a world to be rediscovered. Today, the vineyard extends over 6 hectares, where the grapes are grown using only sulphur/clay and plant infusions, with no fertilizers other than green manure from wild plants. And in the winery, only grapes are used. Yielding surprising wines, true gems to be discovered.

Località Perda Coddura, Nurri
Tel. +39 348 8241060

Cantina Sociale di Quartu

Created back in 1926 by a group of local grape-growers, this winery still embodies the dedication and lives of men bent on producing quality wines, as true and sincere as the land nurturing them. The winery’s 80 members produce a range of grape varieties making up the winery’s bounty and strength, which go into making wines such as Fogu, Ateru and Apassili.

Via Nazionale, Maracalagonis
Tel. +39 070 789865

Cantina Trexenta

Founded in 1956 in the Trexenta heartland, a land of undulating hills where grape-growing has existed for as long as memory stretches, the Winery owns about 300 hectares of vineyards. Production is focused on Sardinia’s native grape varieties and in particular on DOC labels, for instance Nuragus di Cagliari. Some of its leading wines are: Baione, Contissa, Tanca Su Conti and Antigu.
Tel. +39 070 9808863, 070 9809005