Winegrowing Areas

The terroir, the climate and the grape varieties all go to place their unique imprint on the wines from Cagliari. The interesting variety of soils in this region – geologically the most ancient in Italy – is the secret behind the different structure, scents and bouquets of these wines.

Indeed, grapes are cultivated almost everywhere, ranging from the fertile plains near the coast to the interior, in sandy soils as well as on the hills. From the “Golfo degli Angeli” dominated by the white limestone walls of Cagliari’s ancient quarter, to the Parteolla hills with their orderly rows of vineyards, fruit orchards and olive groves. From the lagoons and wetlands round Cagliari, home to the pink flamingo, close to small towns and villages rich in traditions, to the hills leading to the Sette Fratelli mountains and the Villasimius marine park. The sea breezes provide just the right amount of moisture, the soils alternate clay with schist and granite, the Mediterranean scrub fills the air with the scent of wild plants – all these elements help shape unique wines.