The Wine Route

The wine trail in the area of Cagliari is ancient and fascinating: it links past and future, bracing sea views and hilly countryside, the signs of Mediterranean culture and original traditions, and historical and natural monuments.

Following this route means exploring the special viewpoints, feelings and places of an island known since ancient times as a vineyard in the midst of the sea. Indeed, archaeologists have unearthed Nuraghic-period grape seeds dating them to around 1300 BC. An ancient calling favoured by the abundance of wild grapes in the territory and an ideal climate, coupled with the cultivation skills brought here by other Mediterranean peoples, such as the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines and Spanish. This is why discovering the DOC wines of the Cagliari area means travelling through history, nature and culture, as well as appreciating a winemaking tradition based on quality low-density grape cultivation.