When to visit

The wine route is inviting year round thanks to the island’s mild climate with scarce rainfall, a sun which with few exceptions shines almost constantly, the vast variety of its feasts and festivals to match all seasons.

For example, in springtime you can link your food and wine discoveries with the haunting processions and festivities of Easter Week which every year re-enact ancient rites. Or come and enjoy the solemn Feast of Sant’Efisio celebrated on 1 May with its long procession of decorated ox-drawn carts and splendid costumes representing towns and villages from all over the island. In summer time, the sea and splendid beaches offer unique temptations, while towards the end of summer, visitors can experience the emotions of the grape harvest – from vineyard to winery, from the bunch to the barrel. Late autumn offers an irresistible temptation to those of you who appreciate the famous “novelli”, the new wines. And finally, winter is enlivened by the bonfires of Sant’Antonio and the ancient rites of the Sardinian Carnival with its eerie masks and typical sweetmeats.