The Territory

Sardinia is a surprisingly multifaceted island. With its diverse landscapes moulded by wind, sun, sea and of course the passage of time, its unique animal and plant species, its ancient language which changes from area to area, its traditional costumes whose style was set hundreds of years ago together with its distinctive jewellery, its haunting religious festivals and the secrets of its handicrafts handed down with skill and passion.

A heritage of traditions dating back thousands of years, preserved with pride and expressed in mouth-watering recipes and culinary traditions. But it is also a land rich in history and remains, home to the famous Nuraghic civilisation and a key outpost for the Phoenician, Punic and Roman peoples. An island beloved of travellers and writers who have described its wonders and curiosities, also conquered by its mild climate, where the summer starts already in springtime and stretches well into autumn..