The project

The “Wine Route of the Province of Cagliari” is a producers’ association promoting wine tourism in wine-growing areas, with a focus on quality production. Hence, it promotes DOC, DOCG and IGT winemaking areas. The association was set up under Regional Law 268 of 1999, called “Rules on the Wine Routes”.

The leitmotif of the itineraries is clearly wine, joining together the partner grape growers and wineries, but it also extends to embrace the area’s other important attractions: a rich and unique food tradition and a beautiful natural heritage, with varied landscapes ranging from the countryside to the famous coasts.

These are the strengths of the Wine Route. It aims at becoming a destination marketing project based on shared strategies and leveraging on the specific roles of the various players – local authorities and private entrepreneurs – joining forces to generate added value for the project.
Today the Association numbers more than 30 businesses covering almost all the phases of the local wine industry, and including farming and handicraft enterprises offering typical products, as well as accommodation and restaurant businesses.