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In the Cagliari area the wine route is ancient and fascinating, it links past and future, sea views and hilly landscapes, history and traditions. The grape is cultivated almost everywhere, from the fertile plains bordering the coast to the hinterland, on sandy terroirs and high hills alike, offering a stunning variety of scents, flavours and colours.

Wending your way along this route is one way to get to know the different viewpoints, emotions and very special places of an island known since ancient times as a vineyard in the midst of the sea. Indeed, grape seeds found in Nuraghic settlements have been dated to about 1000 BC. They reveal the ancient origins of the island’s winemaking tradition, enriched by the various civilisations which over the centuries left their mark on Sardinia – such as the Phoenicians and the Romans. So discovering Cagliari’s DOC wines is also a way to unite nature and history, to find in the appreciation of its wines many facets of its people and culture, as well as an opportunity of savouring outstanding wines.