The itineraries

Three routes symbolically follow the course of the sun over the vineyards and the juicy grapes, as we set forth to discover the island’s truest flavours and landscapes.

The colours of the South shine in Cagliari, a city of shimmering light, with its ancient alleys and fascinating atmosphere. To the North is found the cool, green Parteolla, a land of vineyards, olive groves and fruit orchards, dotted with small ancient country churches. The East, where the sun rises, is the ideal place to start off a splendid day and, in between winery visits and tours, to enjoy the stunning sea views of the Gulf of Villasimius.

Cagliari, city of light

It rises above the sea with its white fortified hill, high over the Gulf of Angels, telling a story of great horizons, meetings with seafaring peoples and traditions as old as its wines.

Not to be missed. Taking an unhurried stroll through the Castello quarter, as if savouring an excellent wine with a long history: with no rush, stopping at the craft workshops, taking in the views of the sea. Visiting the many monuments, and stopping in one of the many fascinating historic cafés to enjoy a pre-dinner drink of fresh Vermentino. Strolling down towards the harbour, following the scent of the sea breeze and the aromas of mouth-watering dishes rising from the many restaurants of the Marina quarter, where Nuragus is the perfect match to freshly caught fish.

North of Cagliari

From the Golfo degli Angeli to the Parteolla hills, whose Latin name “pars olea” harks back to their traditional olive cultivation, which in Sardinia was originally as much a native and wild plant as the grape.

Not to be missed.Coupling the art of winemaking with other art forms: a visit to the Olive Oil Museum in Dolianova and to the ancient cathedral, the fascination of the small medieval churches in Serdiana and its countryside, the imposing archaeological sites of the Punic-Roman necropolis of Monte Luna and of the Acropolis near Senorbì. A route bringing together winery tours and heritage trails, to be savoured with the same pleasure as a smooth Monica matched with a typical meat roast.

East of Cagliari

From Cagliari’s Poetto beach to the Marine Protected Area of Villasimius, a route unveiling wines and scents, combining the taste for tradition with the enjoyment of stunning natural scenery.

Not to be missed. Matching the dessert wines Moscato, Malvasia or Nasco with the renowned almond sweets of Quartu Sant’Elena, true small works of art. Hearing the echoes of history while standing in front of the Sa Domu de s’Orcu nuraghe or among the 50 and more menhirs in the Castiadas countryside. Making a toast to nature while your gaze takes in the lagoons dotted with pink flamingos, the inlets and sparkling azure waters along the coastal road, the peaks of the Sette Fratelli mountains, the gleaming white beaches and the clearly visible seabed of the Gulf of Villasimius.