Southern Sardinia displays magnificent examples of artistic handicrafts which have their roots far back in time.

Elaborate tapestries and carpets woven by hand on horizontal wooden looms, where the threads of wool, cotton, silk and linen are deftly interwoven.
Blankets, tablecloths and hand towels decorated with fine embroidery which harks back to the island’s precious ancient costumes and sacred furnishings.
Delicate works in pottery and ceramics inspired by archaic symbols and traditional motifs, often reinterpreted in modern key.
Fine basketwork made using a variety of materials: from asphodel to reeds, from dwarf palm to straw.
Exquisitely detailed traditional jewellery, including rosaries and costume buttons created by skilled hands and utilizing special techniques such as filigree.
The typical clasp knives much sought after by collectors and aficionados.
And finally, a variety of carved wood, wrought iron and sculpted stone creations.