The Grapes

On account of their distinctive scent and flavour, the wines from the Cagliari area have been compared to the Sardinian textile handicrafts, rich in colour and exquisite embroidery.

From Nuragus grapes comes a wine with the scent of white flowers and green apples and delicate citrus notes, pleasingly fresh to the palate. On their part, Vermentino grapes give birth to a white wine with a strong, distinctive personality, rich in fruity and flowery notes. Monica grapes yield a smooth, warm red, with scents of blackberry, cherry and spices. Especially fine and elegant are the dessert wines: the intriguing red Girò – almost a liqueur – which ranks on a par with the great sipping wines from the Iberian Peninsula; lush, amber-coloured Nasco, whose name comes from the Latin “muscus” (moss) referring to its unmistakable perfume; all-enfolding amber Moscato, called by the Romans “vitis apiana” for the sweetness of its grapes, much sought by the bees; and golden Malvasia, with delicate hints of flowers and fruit.