Food and Wine

This extraordinary natural environment, a very ancient pastoral, farming and seafaring tradition, the influence of the foreigners who in various periods landed on the island and remained there for short or long periods – all these go to make up the ingredients of its unique food and wine traditions.

Apart from the wines which express their strong link with the territory, there are other authentic treasures of taste and flavour. Precious spices such as saffron, or the renowned honey made in a wide range of flavours. Typical products such as goat and ewe’s milk cheeses, boar ham and dry-cured sausage. The sheer variety of Sardinian bread is stunning: in many areas it is still prepared by hand and baked in wood-fired ovens, in dozens of different shapes and flavours to celebrate births, weddings and other feast days. Ancient recipes such as the several different types of hand-made pasta, the pastries and sweets based on honey, almonds, walnuts, fresh cheese and cooked must. And what about the painstaking roasting of suckling pigs on long spits over fires of scented wood, or tasty fish dishes such as “sa burrida”, dogfish dressed with a sauce of walnuts. A whole world of its own of flavours and unique traditions.