The environment

Sardinia has been dubbed a tiny continent, and the Cagliari Wine Route shows us how apt a definition this is, as it takes us through a string of surprisingly varied landscapes: the transparency of its sea and the contours of its softly-rounded shills, the wild forests and smooth white beaches, the precious wetland habitats and the imposing granite outcrops born 300 million years ago, its mountain pines and Mediterranean shrubs, the pink flamingo and the wild boar. This immense, intact natural heritage, the absence of sources of pollution and the low density of its population mean that the island is able to offer a vast variety of outstanding foods and wines. What is more the relative scarcity of water, the local climatic conditions and the terrain have fostered non-intensive agriculture, which maintains a balance with the natural environment and yields high quality produce. Almost a world of its own – linked to the fruits of the earth, its rhythms and rites, just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.