Art and Culture

Sardinia is a vast open-air museum with its hills and mountains dotted with megalithic monuments built over 5,000 years ago: the more than 7,000 nuraghi, the dolmens and menhirs, the chamber tombs known as “Domus de Janas” (houses of the fairies). We can add to these imposing remains the traces of other Mediterranean peoples: in Cagliari the Punic necropolis of Tuvixeddu, the Roman tomb of the Cave of the Viper and the Roman amphitheatre, the “Citadel of Museums”, the Pisan Towers dating back to the 1300s, its fine churches and cathedrals, the Viceroy’s Palace.

Sardinia has also a rich living cultural heritage, embodied in its feast days and festivals which since time immemorial have animated the island’s life, often lasting days on end and preserving the island’s primeval traditions. The haunting sounds and harmonies of ancient instruments, the hypnotising folk dances with colourful precious costumes, heart-stopping horseback races and acrobatics, impromptu poetry competitions and the heated contests of the ancient morra hand game, evocative religious processions, and street banquets with special dishes and pastries prepared by the whole community.