Cagliari’s Wine Route

Sun, soil, wind and the sea, alongside the time and skill of its peoples' hands – these are the unique ingredients which go to the making of the wines of the Province of Cagliari which have a strong, inseparable link to the land from which they are born and to its people, its flavours, feasts and seasons.


“Andar per cantine” (a trip round the wineries) along the Cagliari wine route joins many experiences into one: journeying through a surprising range of landscapes and emotions, meeting people and their stories, discovering labels that brim with personality and one-of-a-kind tastes.

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The Grapes

A route that leads you through the bouquet, flavour and sensations encompassing the white grapes of Nuragus and Vermentino, the smooth warm reds such as Monica and the stylishly supple dessert wines such as Girò, Nasco, Moscato and Malvasia.

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Wine and Food

Unspoilt nature and ancient recipes handed down over generations are the main ingredients of the island’s authentic food and wine traditions, varied by gifts from its sea, pasturelands and lagoons teeming with fish.

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Sea depths and granite peaks, wild forests and gleaming white beaches, softly rounded hills and lagoons home to the pink flamingo: the places you will cross along this Route are a constant source of wonder and discovery for all lovers of good wine and fascinating trips.

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What’s happening

May 29, 2016 - Cantine Aperte

Open Winery Day: the great wine fest

Guided tours, talks and readings, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events.

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Best time to visit

The wine route is inviting all year round thanks to the island’s mild climate, its scarce rainfall, the sun which with few exceptions shines almost constantly, and its vast variety of feasts and festivals that match all seasons.

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